SONY VPCCW2VFX/B perisian muatturun percuma (ver. 6.­4.­2.­11150)

Di laman ini, anda sentiasa boleh muatturun percuma SONY VPCCW2VFX/B perisian untuk Komputer-komputer Riba.

SONY VPCCW2VFX/B (ver. 6.­4.­2.­11150) PE SELF-EXTRACTING diterbitkan 2012.09.12.

Fail dimuatturun 0 kali dan telah dilihat 93 kali.

Kategori Komputer-komputer Riba
Jenama SONY
Sistem pengoperasian Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit
Versi 6.­4.­2.­11150
Saiz fail 58.76 Mb
Diterbitkan 2012.09.12
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VAIO Care Software Update for SONY VPCCW2VFX/­B This utility installs an updated version of the VAIO Care software and provides the following benefits: Updates the support phone number listed for Brazil within the VAIO Care software Improves the Self Heal functionality by allowing critical updates to be installed silently Improves the VAIO Care user interface Provides a link to the Sony® forum within the Contact Sony option Improves the performance of the VAIO Care application Resolves an issue where the VAIO Care application may stop responding after performing a Self Heal Fan and Blu-ray Disc™ diagnostic information is now included in the Hardware Diagnostic Tool for selected models The Media Gallery™ application may not launch properly after running the "System Tune-up" Resolves an issue where a .­NET framework error message may appear while using the VAIO Care application

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